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ScaneRSS is a plugin application that reads RSS feeds and allows for automatic torrent download from these feeds by use of filters (rule sets). A filter rule can be made simply by using the auto suggest through the guiding features of the Pattern Assistant. This makes setting up the 'Regular Expression' rules simple and available with no knowledge of RegEx needed. Multiple filters can be created and assigned to any number of feeds. A download history can also be used to ensure that you only get the episode and season of the program that you want!

Latest release can be acquired here Download


  • Feed Options
    • Update interval configurable (15min - ∞)
    • Login Data: acces password-protected feeds
    • Cookies: some sites need cookies for their feeds ScaneRSS has them
    • Useragent: some site block certain Useragents ScaneRSS can pretend to be someone else
    • Referer
    • Feedicons: ScaneRSS can automatically download the Feedicon
  • Filter
    • Powerful Regex Pattern matching
    • Deny rules to exclude certain Patterns
    • Download History: only download an Episode once
    • Name Based Download History: works even for those Feeds which don't follow common naming schemes.
    • Auto Categorization: automatically put the Torrent in a Category
    • Initial State selection: select in which state the Torrent should be started
    • AzSMRC User: if you are using ScaneRSS in conjunction with AzSMRC you can assign a Filter to a User
  • Misc
    • Easy Database Backup and Restore
    • Remote Config: ScaneRSS can be configured remotly in conjunction with AzSMRC, great for headless installs

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