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AzCron is a plugin which allows you to configure any of the actions available in Azureus to be run repeatedly at specific times. For example, you can stop all downloads at night and have them start back up in the morning. The full power of this plugin is only limited by your needs and imagination. The concept is similar to 'cron' but it is not necessary to know cron syntax to use this plugin. Easy interface, runs seamlessly, does what you ask it to do!

Latest release can be acquired here Download


  • Tasks
    • Pause/Resume Torrents
    • Change Speed Limits
    • Set ANY Azureus Configuration Variables
    • Restart Azureus
    • Code your own actions with Jython
      • No need to be limited by predefined Azureus actions!
    • Interact with other Plugins (e.g. backup your ScaneRSS config) using IPC
  • Scheduling
    • o Easy Input Mode: helps you running tasks even if you are not familiar with cron.
      • Simple GUI with easy to understand predefined actions
    • Expert Input Mode: harness the full power of the cron syntax
      • Make Azureus do exactly what you want when you want!
  • Misc
    • Easy Database Backup and Restore

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