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  • Familiar interface: AzSMRC mimics the GUI of Azureus
  • Privacy: SSL-Support with a wizard to help get you going
  • Complete ability to manage torrents remotely
  • Manage hosting of torrents remotely
  • AzSMRC allows multiple users to use one running Azureus
  • WebUI: if you don't have the client installed you can simply use the WebUI to manage Azureus
  • View salient statistics about the Azureus server and also be able to restart the server at the touch of a button
  • Remotely administer Azureus updates
  • AzSMRC can update itself as well as report to the developers any crashes it detects
  • Plugins: you can extend the AzSMRC client like Azureus with plugins
  • and much more...

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